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From Birdie to Rainbow Aurora – Wacky Strange Celebrity Baby Names



Most big time celebrities want their children to carry  fame or notoriety so they start by giving them one hell of a name.  The name them something unusual, extraordinary, and memorable to stand out from the Mikes, Johns, and Janes in the crowd. They try to craft a name that makes their child a star. In this quest for a unique name, many names end up being downright Wacko Jacko.

Rainbow Aurora – Holly Madison


Actress and former playmate Holly Madison received a lot of criticism after she announced her baby girl Rainbow Aurora. But she raised her head above the critics by saying that the name Rainbow Aurora gives her daughter character and courage.

“She was a perfectly normal, well-adjusted, sporty girl, by the way, so I’m not worried about my daughter being ‘traumatized’ by having an unusual name,” Madison explained on her blog.



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