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Meet The Girl Named “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”




With her piercing crystal blue eyes, flowing golden hair, and stunning face, Kristina Pimenova has taken the modeling world by a storm. One has called her “a breathtaking sight. A pinnacle of visual prowess.”  And get this – she is only 9 years old!

Kristina was born in 2005 in Moscow, Russia and has started modeling at the age of 3. She has modeled for big names such as Armani and Vogue Bambini.

Her family is no stranger to the spotlight. Her mom Glikeriya Pimenova was a Russian model herself and her father Ruslan Pimenov has previously played for the Russian national football team.



In recent months, her mother Glikeriya  has been criticized for posting images that are are too sexy for her age. While some men have made comments about her “long legs” and about being a “babe,” Glikeriya says that all pictures of her daughter are innocent and anybody who sees sexuality in them is a pedophile and should seek a mental health professional.


Kristina Pimenova’s mother insists that her 9-year-old daughter’s images are innocent and age appropriate but critics say that she is being oversexualized. Her mother has tagged this photo as #bedtime which caused an uproar among followers.


Growing Up Too Fast - Are young girls being exposed inappropriately?

Growing Up Too Fast – Are young girls being exposed inappropriately?

Growing Up in the Modern World – How Girls Today Are Pressured to be Sexy

Imagine shopping in the little girls’ department and finding little tiny tongs that say “Flirt” or “Juicy.” How about watching girls as young as 4 years old participate in beauty pageants wearing high heels, fake eyelashes, and a full face of makeup? Even more telling, how about seeing those girls being instructed not just to look sexy, but to prance around the stage suggestively to get boys’ attention?

According to a report by the American Psychological Association, the growing sexualization of young girls is a major concern in developed Western societies. Parents, teachers, psychologists, and advocacy groups are alarmed by the trends, and have reasons to believe that “sexifying” girls has long term detrimental effects on young girls’ health.

According to the APA sexualization happens when “a person’s value comes only from his or her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics.”

So by this definition, are young child models such as Kristina Pimenova being sexualized by default by their posing for the camera? Kristina’s mother has countless times defended her daughter’s decision to be a model. And while most of the images I’ve seen are age-appropriate for a 9-year-old, there are a few that raise some eyebrows.

Aside from being a model, little Miss Pimenova is also a talented gymnast who has taken part in prestigious championships.



So, what do you think ?