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The Detox Craze: What’s right for me?


The latest fad that covers all platforms of social media buzz lately seems to be the detox. The idea of a detox diet is that either through drink, or by diet, the body will be cleansed of toxins resulting in a healthier, happier, skinnier you. There are plenty of vehicles by which to travel the detox road. You may not even call it a diet, since some detox methods do not require any restricted foods, but rather a certain drink alongside your daily routine. The best thing about detox diets is that they are short lived. Theses diets range from 48 hours all the way to 30 days, go ahead, pick your level of commitment!

The short term:

Detox diets are great for getting rid of excess water weight. Water weight pounds can be shed in a few days with intense hydration and a simple detox tea drink. A detox drink is comprised of only a few ingredients: A detoxifying tea, and natural detox additives chosen by the user, this could be lemon juice, ginger, honey, or even cayenne pepper. Without proper hydration, and bad eating, the body will hold onto any excess water in case your body goes through a period of drought. This action is often brought on by dehydration, which triggers the body into thinking that there is not a decent supply of water available to sustain itself. This environment then results in the body storing all the water it can get in the form of extra weight on your body. Through an intense period of rehydration the body will release the extra water stored, since it now believes that water will be available whenever needed. In reality water IS available whenever we need it, we just all suck at drinking enough… While drinking these detox teas, a regular diet can be maintained. Eating whatever you usually eat will not affect the detox drink’s effect on your water weight.

Detox drinks can be bought from a producer, or made at home. Here are some examples of both to get you started:

  1. Yogi Tea Detox
  2. Green tea Detox
  3. SkinnyMint Detox
  4. SkinnyBunny Detox

The Long Term:

Some pre-packaged detox drinks like SkinnyMint go for 30 days or less. The best teas for long-term detoxing are homemade. Homemade teas have all natural ingredients and can be gentler on the body than pre-packaged ones. Natural detox teas like the Yogi detox tea listed above are created with ingredients like dandelion and even licorice, and can be taken for up to six weeks at a time. These gentle long-term detoxes go best with all-natural diets to help the detox work its magic. Those who are looking for long-term weight loss alongside a diet to maintain it are best suited for the gentle detox teas like these. My recommendation is the Jillian Michael’s detox tea. A light natural tea like Yogi or Traditional Medicinals are combined with lemon juice and cranberry juice to created a lightly flavored drink to be consumed through one full pitcher of water a day. Alongside this, users should follow an easy un-restricted diet full of antioxidant rich foods like blueberries and ginger. Diet wise, the Paleo diet is a great one for detoxes since it consists of all natural foods and no time-consuming calorie counting or massive food group omissions.

Jillian Michael’s Detox Drink

Paleo Diet Basics

The Detox plan is great for those of us who really can’t commit ourselves to an extreme diet that will eventually drive us to a chocolate driven feeding frenzy. By simply drinking more water every day, we can feel better and look better!

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