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Pink Beats Solo2 Headphones

The Beats brand is known worldwide for providing rich bass sounds and a full music range. Honestly, I didn't know what all the fuss was about regarding Beats headphones until I tried them for myself. Beats headphones definitely replicate the live studio experience. You don't just listen to music, you get immersed in it. Many…

Pink Earphone Hard Case

Pink Earphone Hard Case with Key Ring

Now you can clip your headphones on your belt loop or backpack so you can have easy access to your ear buds or phone cable.  This hard case is three inches in diameter which gives you just enough room to place both a phone cable and earbuds and maybe even some loose change to boot.…

Pink Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Pink Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones by iKross

Enjoy the music with these premium value noise-cancelling ear-buds. For the size of these things, the bass is massive and it's a very good value for the price. They are highly durable and you can throw them into your gym bag or backpack knowing that you can enjoy a full size sound in a small…

Lil gadgets pink headphones

Kids’ Wireless Bluetooth Pink Headphones

Get rid of the tangled mess of wires by going wire free with Bluetooth technology. Hundreds of customers have given these headphones 5 star reviews so they are a favorite among many.  The battery lasts up to 10 hours and the headphones include a charger. Even if the battery runs out, you don't have to…


Hello Kitty pink Headphones

Kid proof Hello Kitty headphones are designed with children in mind. These headphones feature a maximum volume setting so that you can be sure that the volume isn't too high since decades of research has shown that excessive volume is a leading cause of hearing loss in young people. The ear pads are highly padded…

Pink Barbie Headphones 1

Pink Barbie Headphones

Young girls all over the world just love Barbie! Instead of listening to music with plain boring black or white headphones, that little fashionista can jam to her favorite tunes with a splash of color. The neat thing about these Barbie headphones is that the headband fabric is interchangable so that you can easily go…