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Science says that men are attracted to women who look like their mother (yikes!)


Imagine that you are meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time for dinner. When you meet his mom you can’t help but realize that she looks like a mirror reflection of yourself. She has the same hazel eyes and laughs the same way you do.

It may sound strange, but it turns out that men choose romantic partners that resemble their mother – more times than not.

Evolutionary psychologist Urszula Marcinkowska from Finland had conducted a study that shows that men’s wives show a striking resemblance to their own mothers. The study had also shown that the opposite was not true; women’s husbands don’t have a lot of traits at look like their father.

Dr. Marcinkowska does provide an explanation to this and says that it is simply the result of natural selection and evolutionary forces. You see, the first encounter a guy has with the opposite sex is with his mother. The mother-son bond (and mother-daughter bond for that matter) is an extremely powerful force that cannot be reckoned with. This mother-son interaction is so strong that it leaves a memory imprint for decades to come. Even if the son is unaware of his preferences, they show up as subconscious desires in his choice of mate.

And the interesting part is even if the son had a bad or distant relationship with his mother, he still picks a  partner that has similar traits. On a subconscious level he wants to fix the relationship with his mother that is broken.

The reason why women don’t pick partners that look like their father is that even though her dad could be a powerful figure in her life, the daughter-father evolutionary bond isn’t as powerful as the mother-son bond.



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