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When Did Women Start Shaving Their Pits?

Here's a little secret: women shave only when people are paying attention and for generations, no one was looking. There was no compelling reason for a women to shave her armpits. That is until the 1910s when sleeveless dresses became fashionable. In May 1915,the upscale magazine Harper's Bazaarfeatured an ad with a young woman posing…


The Detox Craze: What’s right for me?

The latest fad that covers all platforms of social media buzz lately seems to be the detox. The idea of a detox diet is that either through drink, or by diet, the body will be cleansed of toxins resulting in a healthier, happier, skinnier you. There are plenty of vehicles by which to travel the…


“Viagra for women” – A look at the little pink pill

Flibanserin, also nicknamed "Viagra for women" may soon be on the market. Flibanserin treats a lack of sexual desire in women who are of childbearing age. The condition is officially called hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD and what it means is that a low sex drive causes personal distress and unhappiness in a women's…


Fashion victims: Skinny jeans lands one women in the hospital

Skinny jeans may be the sexy jean cut of the moment, but if you are going to rock the skinny jean don't squat a lot in them. You have been warned! An Australian woman was hospitalized after squatting for many hours in her skinny jeans and experienced muscle and nerve damage and swelling. The squatting…