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What is the best foundation for sensitive skin?

Finding the right foundation for your skin type A lot of us struggle with finding the right makeup that will give us the coverage we need without the skin irritation, redness, and breakouts. Everyone's skin is different and each person has their own needs and concerns regarding their skin. For women with sensitive skin, you…

An intimate talk to women

When Did Women Start Shaving Their Pits?

Here's a little secret: women shave only when people are paying attention and for generations, no one was looking. There was no compelling reason for a women to shave her armpits. That is until the 1910s when sleeveless dresses became fashionable. In May 1915,the upscale magazine Harper's Bazaarfeatured an ad with a young woman posing…

Beautiful Red Hair

Fadeproof color:The best shampoo for color treated hair

You've been getting many compliments on your sizzling, hot new hair color. Now you want to make sure your color stays just as vibrant as when you first got it done. You don't want to just keep using the same old shampoo and risk stripping your beautifully done color. Your stylist offered you a few…


Detoxify your body with chemical free shampoo & conditioners

Many people don't think of their skin as an organ, but in fact it is the largest human organ. Our skin's outer surface is the first layer of defense against harmful bacteria and toxins, but did you know a large percentage of toxins easily pass through the skin and enter our body? Absorbing the ingredients…


Extreme beauty ideals from around the world

What is beauty? Is it a small waist, long legs, and flowing straight hair? Does it look like a USA runway fashion model or a plastic blonde doll universally known as Barbie? America and the western world have pushed the idea that what is considered beautiful only comes in certain forms. But what is considered…


Beauty mineral silica can give you amazing hair, skin, and nails

Silica is one of the most abundant compounds on earth. It is found in leafy green vegetables and whole grain wheat. Many women swear by silica in giving them radiant hair, skin, and nails. The most potent source of silica is bamboo silica which contains a whopping 70% silica whereas the popular herb horsetail only…


Surprising Ways Coconut Oil Can Help your Beauty Routine

Coconut oil has countless health benefits from weight loss to brain health. But did you know that it has many uses outside your body as well? It is surprising how many ways you can use coconut oil as part of your beauty routine. Coconut oil really is a Swiss Knife all purpose tool that can…