Think Pink

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


It’s time to think pink! The color pink is about having fun. It’s sassy and classy, bursting with personality. Pink is bold.  Pink is an eye opener and show stopper. When a girl shows off her fierce style sense by dying her hair pink, all eyes are on her. Confidence becomes her middle name. When a woman drives around town in a hot pink corvette, people turn their heads and take notice. It’s no wonder that multi Grammy winning pop star Pink chose the color as her nickname. It’s a small four letter word with an enormous presence.

Pink is also a color of empowerment. It’s a symbol for breast cancer awareness programs which continue to get worldwide attention and funding. Hopefully, it won’t be long before a cure is found that will allow survivors and their friends and families to rejoice. Research advancements in women’s health in general are major milestones to the scientific community as a whole. is a women’s lifestyle blog where fashion, health, beauty, and celebrity gossip intertwine.

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